Pathbird brings your course content to life

Build self-guided, interactive lessons for computational skills with Pathbird.

How it works


Present a piece of information

Students learn and review one concept at a time. They can read short expositions and then see it in real code.


Visualize & explore the concept

Use interactive plots and real, live code to help students learn by doing.


Apply the learnings

Reinforce concepts with periodic quiz questions, auto-graded programming assignments, and free-response exercises as students progress through the lesson.


Check for understanding

Students get instant feedback and only advance to the next topic once they show mastery.

Introduction to Neural Networks
What is a neural network?

5 ms
Activation functions

"Derivative of sigmoid function"
function dsigmoid(z::Number)
return ??
Check answer
5 ms
Gradient descent algorithms

Teach computational skills experientially

The closest thing to cloning yourself in big classrooms

Maintain the feel of one-on-one instruction with bigger class sizes. Create interactive lessons that make students feel like you are right by their side showing them the concept.

Let everyone learn at their own pace

Students go through lessons and quizzes at their own pace, receiving instant feedback to help them improve. With unlimited attempts, the focus is on learning instead of grades.

Setup that doesn't suck (and we're not just saying that)

It's easy to start creating content! All you'll need are Jupyter Notebooks or simple markdown files. Industry standard tools and no lock-in means you can be productive right away.


Our mission: Make learning interactive

Pathbird grew out of an instructor and a student agreeing that our teaching wasn't living up to its potential. Why are we staring at code on a lecture slide when we could be experiencing it firsthand?

Pathbird makes computational discovery and experiential learning possibly for students — and is easy to set up for instructors. It turns learning into a conversation between the author and learner.

What students are saying

“This is one of the best things I've seen. I think it should replace textbooks for most programming classes.”

April, University of Michigan
What instructors are saying

“Pathbird has totally changed the way I teach. I'll never go back.”

Raj Rao, University of Michigan

Take Pathbird for a (free) spin!

Are you an teacher or instructor? Pathbird truly is a game-changer and we want you to experience it for yourself. Try a demo of the student experience. Once you’re hooked, contact us and we can set you up with a free demo for your course.

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